007 Moon Lit Paranormal ~THE HUNGRY HOUSE, Abandon Private Home, Matoaka, WV

This is an Abandon Private Residence, that wishes to remain Anonymous... Located in Matoaka,WV. On September 24, 2015, we were allowed to investigate this house. This was the site of a Murder and there is a overwhelming feeling of oppression upstairs. There is a Lady in White that has been seen numerous times standing in the upstairs window. There has been full body apparitions seen in the stairwell by many. This house has sat abandon for over 30 years... The house is falling down now as
nature is winning the battle to take it back... We captured shadows and had many hits on the equipment. We also had incredible Battery Drain once something figured out how to do it... So we call this place THE HUNGRY HOUSE. There were more than one presences there, and we hope we were able to cross the lady in white over...
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