A Demonologist's Darkest Encounters | Samantha Harris | Demonic Encounters | Paranormal Podcast

Demonologist, Samantha Harris talks about her severe cases of Fighting Malevolent Spirits

Samantha Harris joined The Farside Paranormal Podcast for what was supposed to have been a live show on Friday evening. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, the show did not air live as planned... however, the show still happened.

Topics touched on include:

* How did Samantha get involved with the paranormal?
* What is the Incubus Succubus Entity?
* Do demons attack you in your sleep?
* Demon Abductions of the Astral Body
* How does one study to fight Demonic entities?
* Shape shifting spiritual entities
* Sexual entities with genitals that can be felt
* Mimicking attributes of demonic beings
* Is the Slender man an evil entity or a demon?
* Demonic Clowns
* How does someone protect themselves from evil spirits?
* How do evil spirits become attached to the living?
*Plus more!

This show makes for a great listen if you are interested in Demonic entities, true ghost stories, or if you're just looking for something spooky.

Samantha Harris has appeared on many TV shows including:

* Destination America
* A Haunting
* Most Terrifying Places in America

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