AngelOfThyNight Radio Presents: "Lord Rick's Franken Hens"

AngelOfThyNight Radio Presents: Lord Rick's Franken Hens a special episode which shows our fans/viewers how to make an zesty Italian Marinade, stuffed Cornish games, crispy flavorful skin and a very healthy stir fry. This is one of my secret recipes where were going to give these hens yummy innards, flavorful life blood, succulent onion heart and eventually zap them back to life so they are ready for the dinner table. I will also teach you how to cook your hens safely and to tell when they are ready for the dinner table. Along with sanitary methodology so that you do not cross contaminate and create a really healthy yet classy meal for your loved ones. This episode is full of adult humor and satire till the very end. I also discuss on the shows our crazy trip to Las Vegas, strange happenings around Bowman Lake, Ghosts of Summit Valley and lastly Haskell Peak monster hunting the site of the famous Bigfoot kill zone. AngelOfThyNight Radio is a place where comedy meets me reality and anything can happen. Please help show your support by liking and visiting us at as their is no paranormal show like ours guaranteed!

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