Comstock Trail Part 16 "Sutros Death Pit"

Our final area of the second investigation would take place at the Sutro ventilation shaft. At one time the Sutro Tunnel ventilated this deep tunnel this one being 1 of 4 of them. The tunnel was originally designed to relieve flooding as miners dug deep into the earth in search of mineral bearing quartz. Sadly when they drilled into hot water and steam it would cause injury, death and flooding. Some miners drowned in some of the mines or suffocated due to fires it was a deadly job. Just below this pit good men died some were never even found again. The tunnel below this pit acted like a subway that connected Virginia City to the town of Sutro/Dayton going underground approximately 4 miles. It was used to transport goods and people between both mining towns. I crossed the fence for our viewers to throw a stone down the shaft you can hear it fall as the sound fades as it falls into the shafts depths.
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