Dangberg Ranch Part 5 - "What A Picturesque View It Is"

I finished off our first walkthrough of the ranch by enjoying picturesque views of the high sierras that overshadow the 8 remaining historic structures that still stand today. Not much has changed the views are rather the same the only difference is the time period. Cattle still roam these pastures surrounding the ranch just as the buildings have changed very little. One of the oldest barns in the state of NV which you see in the video still stands and is used today. Also on site are many other notable structures some which you can see in this video. With such great views and history it truly is a place where memories can be formed. Just imagine all of this began as a log cabin in 1857. We will return again someday please support the ranch by donating and taking a tour so that it can remain open for many more years to come!
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