D.L. Bliss State Parks Rubicon Trail - Part 21 "Vikingsholm Castle"

From the point if you look southward you can see the very historic Vikingsholm Castle also not to far away is Tahoe's only island called Fannette. But in this video I mainly focus on the castle you will also see many boaters. We have visited the castle and hiked to it from the cliffs that reside behind it at one time. The castle was built in the 1900's with Mrs Lora Knight's wealth and had her love for Scandinavia incorporated into its architecture. Prior to that the area belonged to Ben Holladay who built a summer home then later sold the land in 1884 to Dr. Kirby who established a resort nearby then eventually the Armstrong's in 1895. So their is allot of history to the area in addition to the beauty its surrounded by.

If you want to see more about Eagle Falls which resides behind the castle and learn more in depth about its history come visit that expedition at www.paranormalghostsociety.org/EmeraldBay.htm
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