D.L. Bliss State Parks Rubicon Trail - Part 22 "Majestic Sites Of Emerald Bay""

From the Northern end of Emerald Bay the views are worth more then words can say with majestic views of Mount Tallac and Maggie's Peaks both which we have done expeditions on. Across the way is a place called Eagle Point where Bald Eagles Nest. You will also see Fannette Island which has a castle like tea house build at the top of it and Vikingsholm Castle. There is a strange story associated with Dead man's or Hermits Island about a captain who once built a chapel and tomb here. One night the captain went for a boat ride not to far from where the lighthouse is and his boat was found empty. They never did find his body however there are two places the lake monster Tessie is often sited one being Emerald Bay the other being Cave Rock.

If you would like to see our Cave Rock expedition you can do so at www.paranormalghostsociety.org/CaveRock.htm
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