D.L. Bliss State Parks Rubicon Trail - Part 6 "Rubicon Lighthouse"

This Rubicon Light was the tallest elevated lighthouse in the US and produced a radiance of about 70 candle light power. It was built by the US Coastguard the problem was that it took two 300 gallon acetylene powered tanks per day to fuel it which was costly. The keeper would have to pick up supplies daily from Emerald Bay and bring it to the lighthouse which is near Rubicon Point which was quite the trip. Then at night the keeper would have to go out onto the water to make sure it was working. Rumor has it that the lighthouse went dim in 1921 lasting only about 5 years prior to that while locals stated that it stayed lit well into the 1930's. A new lighthouse would be built and erected at Sugar Pine Point in its place eventually. You will also get to see some Steller Jays which are very native to this region.
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