Do DOWSING RODS work? Watch and Tell Us! Queer Ghost Hunters Pre-Series Video #7

Will you believe in the paranormal more or less after watching the Queer Ghost Hunters talk to (queer) spirits using dowsing rods? The team gives us an extreme close up of one of their most important tools.

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Queer Ghost Hunters is a docu series premiering October 1st about real people making contact with LGBTQ ghosts. They unearth the hidden stories of lost LGBTQ lives. Subscribe free for episodes.

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This series is a production of Stu Maddux films:

It's other productions are also about LGBT history and aging:

Reel In The Closet
a documenary about LGBT home movies dating back to the 1930s

Gen Silent:
a documentary about LGBT older people going back into the closet because they fear the people taking care of them.
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