Flume Trail Part 18 "The Accident"

This is a clip from my bike cam where we start off at the top of the mountain heading back home on the Flume Trail. The problem is that going downhill means encountering loose rocks and dirt making it very easy to lose traction. The beginning of the ride you can see the ride is going well however I am picking up speed. I hit a bump then the camera seems to automatically get shifted off to the left. For over a minute all you can see is woods passing by very fast I pull ahead of my son then at about 2:40 into the video you hear me brake then the camera goes black. Seconds later you hear my son calling for me. I was on the ground somewhat stunned as I was thrown 25' over the handle bars hitting my head and landing on both my wrist to break my fall. When I stood up to brush myself off the camera was still filming but the screen was black so I shut it off thus I call this clip "The Accident"
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