Ghosts Caught On Tape-Test your Paranormal Ear-Raw Footage

(Ear Phones needed) Two parts in one here. First Raw footage, second some ghosts speaking among themselves, taken from that raw footage. Probably a lot more said in there, so may be some who know about audio amp and clean may find more and let us know. Please read on. There is nothing other than the tinny fan sound until after the boys go downstairs. You can hear them in the background. It is the noise coming from that mike - inbuilt taped directly onto a computer, that we are interested in. It begins with boys going downstairs, as we clipped it: They can be heard in hall way for a couple of minutes before they go into a downstairs room. At times what could be the sound of the computer breaks into a change, and there are words being said even at times you can hear lads far away. We have shared some videos from this location before on our face book page. This is something two lads did when alone and something was seen. They called their parents to come home and set a lap top in an upstairs bedroom. They are not the panic type. Isolated area surrounded by woodland. Not an easy listen at all. Listening to what is coming from the mike alone, is what is recorded evps from a ghost or something more sinister, or nothing at all? Photo is an inconclusive taken at the location, just there in order to get the sound recording up. Second footage added are sentences takes from the same footage using wave pad amplify and clean
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