Haunted Demon House | Attacks by a Demonic Entity | True Horror Story | Ep.2

A real haunting - Demon House, frightening demonic, attacks a family endured at the hands of “Mr. Entity,” their unseen tormentor for 25 years. Ed and Lorraine Warren, Brian Hurst, Kerry Gaynor, and dozens more in the years the entity plagued them assisted the family.
Deborah Moffitt is the experiencer behind the acclaimed novel A Deadly Haunting, which drew upon the frightening experiences she and her family endured at the hands of “Mr. Entity,” their unseen tormentor.
Vastly intelligent and destructive, this demon wrought havoc in their lives and home, resulting in a daily battle to maintain their sanity. After 25 years Deborah decided to tell her story, detailing what went on in her family's home during the six year period of nightmare in which “Mr. Entity” plagued them.
Deborah's new book Unwelcomed is a purely nonfictional account of what she and her family experienced. Going into more detail of the paranormal phenomena she witnessed, Unwelcomed gives the reader a first-person perspective into the daily torment the Moffitt's struggled through in their quest for relief.
Guest: Deborah Moffitt, Author of A DEADLY HAUNTING, UNWELCOMED
Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich
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