Insane Paranormal Activity Caught on Tape. Violent Ghost Video.

I've been getting pretty lazy about setting up cameras because it's a monumental pain in the ass, and because there has been very little activity in the last few months, but I still keep a camera handy in case the poltergeist kicks off while I'm at home. It's still kinda
crazy seeing paranormal activity like this happening in front of you, but I wouldn't call it scary. I still have some concern that the ghost will choose to throw something at me, but it never has. Other than an empty beer can, which is hardly the work of an evil demon. Still, it's kind of freaky living in a haunted house, sometimes. The dark shape in the doorway at the beginning is not paranormal. I had to block out that area as my niece's xmas present was visible. I'm not sure if the black shape is visible on the Youtube version, due to compression, and nobody seems to have seen it. But, no, it is not a ghost. - Mellowb1rd
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