100% Real Spirit Communication Sessions at home - Huff Paranormal

100% Real Spirit Communication Sessions at home - Huff Paranormal

Just a collection of some recent clips including E.V.P, spirit box and ghost box clips with direct crystal clear replies. With almost 120 videos here with amazing 100% rock solid evidence that SOMETHING 100% exists beyond US here on earth as we know it, this one shows once again that voices can be recorded from thin air and responses can come from the spirit box.

Voices are recorded in my house all of the time. While I sleep, during the day or night and many times they respond direct to my questions, or tell me what I am wearing or compliment me on something.

I have been doing this a while now and at the same time destroying MANY of the myths and stories that are false about the spirit world.

I will continue on as lately it has been getting stronger..my connection. It has taken me two years to develop "relationships" with what it is I speak with and they know and trust me.

To newcomers or skeptics, this all sounds like crazy nonsense, but I assure you, it is not.

I invite you to watch ALL of my videos on this channel..it may just open your mind.

As always, everything I show here is 100% real and authentic. I make no money from this AT ALL, I sell nothing and I charge nothing to anyone, for anything, ever. I do give away things from time to time on the Huff Paranorml faceboo page, check it out:


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