Amazing Spirit Messages Recorded - Group 4 Session - Huff Paranormal

Amazing Spirit Messages Recorded - Group 4 Session - Huff Paranormal


This is the official group 4 session for the Huff Paranormal facebook group (over 56,000 fans and growing). 100% experimental to see just how far we can push the limits of real time ghost box communication.

Can YOU meditate with me from anywhere in the world and ask your departed loved one to send you a message through me? Then can this message be recorded live? I say YES, as we have had success a few times already in the first three sessions.

What you are about to watch is a session I recorded after a 30 minute mediation and after hundreds of facebook fans who participated also meditated for this session.

if you are one who got in on this session and you feel a message may be for you, leave a comment here or in the facebook group.

For this to work takes commitment, an open mind, no fear, a willingness to open up to the spirit world and 100% desire to communicate and receive a message.

I never ever charge one penny for this as it is done as a group as an experiment to see what is possible.

I have over 130 videos here, so if you are not aware of who I am and what I do, take a look at the videos here on my channel that all have spirit communication that is 100% real. No BS, no drama.
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