Amazing Spirit Q&A. The SCD-1 by Huff Paranormal.

Amazing Spirit Q&A. The SCD-1 by Huff Paranormal.

The SCD-1 is available at and all info, instructions, how to use it and how to get replies can be seen at

This is my last test of the SCD-1 before it's official launch and release on Jan 23rd 2015.

This is a game changing program for spirit communication, period.

I tested the "Mute" button function to test doing a Q&A session with the spirits in my home. I never dreamed it would work as well as this and pretty much freaked me out (and it takes ALOT to freak me out).

The SCD-1 allowed spirits to give me clear, concise and direct answers to each of my questions.

It is 100% real, 100% authentic and this is the 8th video test I have done with the SCD-1 (other videos are here on my channel and on my Huff Paranormal facebook page)

If you do not believe this is real, then nothing I can do but starting Friday the 23rd, thousands will have this amazing tool in their arsenal and will start posting THEIR evidence with it. I can not wait.

Thank you for all of your support.

Steve Huff
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