Best Ghost Box Paranormal Video Ghost EVP Caught On Camera Ghosts Demons Spirit Box 3 FULL VIDEO

Best Ghost Box Paranormal Video Ghost EVP Caught On Camera Ghosts Demons Spirit Box 3 FULL VIDEO

Published -- Paranormal Ghost Box Session 3 -- Unedited Video of Ghost Hunter Phillip Brunelle of ATF Paranormal Investigations - Mass Most Haunted - Communicating With ghosts, spirits, angels and demons with a ghost box, also called a spirit box.

I grew up in a haunted house as a child, and this made me want to find answers, such as how and why ghosts exist, why they haunt places, why demons and some spirits attach themselves to people, and what happens after we die. This curiosity led me to become a paranormal investigator, but aside from being a ghost hunter who investigates the most haunted places, I've decided to investigate myself, and my own haunted house.

I've heard about the ghost box a while ago, but it wasn't until recently that I tried using a ghost box myself. I was always skeptical on whether or not ghost boxes work, or if the evp responses ghost hunters got were only a coincidence or mind manipulation... meaning that you're only hearing answers that you're looking to hear... but I found out something entirely different, and have come to the conclusion that the ghost box does work, and it's truly possible for the living to communicate with the dead... spirits, ghosts, demons, and even angels... and yes, there is a difference between them all.

I've only recently started using the ghost box to communicate with spirits, and in this ghost box evp session I'm sticking to many basic questions, such as asking for intelligent responses that would rule out any possibility of coincidence and mind manipulation. These questions help me to confirm that I am actually talking to ghosts, and in doing so, I'm hoping to identify each ghost that is haunting my house, and possibly attached to, or are following me.

In every ghost box session I've done thus far, I always ask how many spirits, ghosts, demons or angels are here in the house with me, and the only response I've got from the spirits on the ghost box is seven... every time! This makes me wonder why there are seven ghosts in my home, or around me, who each of these spirits are, why they are haunting me and my house, what they want and what I can do to help them... if any of these ghosts even need my help.

The most impressive parts of this video is about 6 to 7 minutes into the ghost box session when I ask them to tell me what I was holding. I was holding a lighter, and this was confirmed when at least 2 of the ghosts said the word lighter, while one spirit actually said the word lighter in Japanese... that is definitely confirmation, if you ask me.

This is the full unedited video from ghost box session #3... If you don't have time to watch this 23 minute ghost box video, check out my other paranormal videos for the most impressive video clips from this ghost box evp session communicating with the dead... talking to ghosts, spirits, demons and angels.





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