Ghost Attack Caught On Camera GHOST HUNTER ATTACKED BY DEMON 666

Ghost Attack Caught On Camera GHOST HUNTER ATTACKED BY DEMON 666

Published -- DEMONIC GHOST ATTACK CAUGHT ON CAMERA - With 3 Demon Scratches - This video is of my personal paranormal experience about my encounter with a demon or evil ghost that attacked me with 3 scratches... If a demon or ghost attacks you by scratching you, are three scratches the "mark of the beast" or is there something evil meant by the three scratches? Comment Below To Let Me Know.

Ghost Attack On Christmas Eve Caught On Tape As 3 Scratches Appear Out of Nowhere Down My Arm - Could It Be Something Other Than A Paranormal Explanation? NO!! I tried to debunk the three scratches and honestly wish that it wasn't a ghost attack, but this is completely unexplained and was definitely caused from me being attacked by an angry or evil ghost, or demon attack.

I was woken up at 6:00am on the morning of Christmas Eve to my arm burning.. it felt like it was on fire.. I jumped up and was scared when I noticed my arm was red, and there was no explanation for it. As the redness faded a bit, I watched as lines started appearing and quickly turned into 3 scratches going down my entire arm.

Not just did three scratches appear on my arm, but it repeated 3 times in different directions... The 3 scratches were repeated three times, in three different areas of my arm.

Being attacked by a ghost has never happened to me before, and at the time, I never knew of a real ghost story with ghosts or a demon attacking someone... But now I know that ghosts can, and do attack people. I wonder if angry spirits are capable of attacking people, or if this is only a demon / demonic spirits that attack you.





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