GHOST ATTACK CAUGHT ON CAMERA Scary Ghost Apparition Paranormal Activity Video #10

GHOST ATTACK CAUGHT ON CAMERA Scary Ghost Apparition Paranormal Activity Video #10

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Real Ghost Attack Caught On Camera At Haunted Lizzie Borden murder house in Fall River, MA. During this video, I kept the camera recording as was setting up a camera in the doorway between the kitchen and living room of the Lizzie Borden house to film the two front rooms and hallway area.

I noticed something strange.. on the right side a ghost apparition comes out of nowhere right at me as I was standing behind the camera.. It's me moving the camera left to right and tightening it on the tripod, and as I'm setting up the camera a ghost apparition comes at me from the right, then another apparition comes from the left... then one of the ghost apparitions goes back out to the left.

I didn't see this ghost attack at the time I was setting up this camera, and didn't know the ghost attacks me until the next day.. When I was in the shower, I noticed a nickel sized round bruise on my upper left chest near my shoulder and it wasn't until I watched this video that I understood where this bruise came from.

At the time of this ghost attack I did have a sharp pain in my chest, you can actually hear me take a breath that sounds like I was punched in the chest or something, but I honestly thought nothing of it, but now I know that pain was from a ghost attacking me.

Just before I setup the camera in this room, the camera was in the dining room doorway, filming the kitchen. During the video that was recorded before this video, a ghost evp was caught on camera of a male spirit threatening me, saying "I'm gonna fuck you up!!!". Then 5 minutes later, at the start of this video recording is when that demon or evil ghost attack me.. and the ghost attack was caught on camera!

During the night I became irritable and snapped at my mother, and this obviously upset the ghosts haunting the Lizzie Borden house, because right after I snapped at my mother you can hear a female ghost evp saying "don't talk to your mother like that" and immediately after two ghost evps from male ghosts were caught on camera, one saying "put that gun away" and the other male spirit says "I'm gonna fuck you up".

I think the ghost apparition you see attacking me from the right is the evil ghost, or demon, from the evp where he threatened me and then you see the ghost apparition of a hand / arm coming toward me from the left, which I believe is the other male spirit from the ghost evp that told the other ghost to "put that gun away"... and I think he was trying to stop the first ghost / demon apparition that attacks me from the left.




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