Ghost Child Caught On Camera Haunted Lizzie Borden House Paranormal Activity Videos #3

Ghost Child Caught On Camera Haunted Lizzie Borden House Paranormal Activity Videos #3

Published -- Real Ghost of Child Caught On Tape - Paranormal Activity Evidence of Real Ghosts From The Lizzie Borden House In Fall River, MA - Mass Most Haunted Paranormal Investigations. Subscribe to see more ghost videos from the most haunted places investigated by Ghost Hunter Phillip Brunelle of Mass Most Haunted Productions.

IN THIS VIDEO - This is video #3 of ghost EVPs captured on camera in one of the attic bedrooms of the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusetts.

There are two of us in the bedroom sitting on the bed and this camera is set up in the corner of the bedroom facing a chest filled with toys. There have been reports of the toys moving and people have heard children's voices and laughter in this attic bedroom.

This chest is famous for glowing red as if it was putting out heat on a thermo cam on the ghost hunters television show, and this room was also on television with another group who captured their camera moving not once, but twice, on its own.

You can hear us talking in the distance, but with the voices whispering and sometimes speaking clearly right into the camera microphone you can see that this is an intelligent haunt. One of the ghosts knows my name and calls it a lot, and breathes many other times right into the microphone to make himself known, you can also hear what may be the ghost of a female or a young male child on one of the evps here.

This video clip has at least two maybe three different ghosts voices captured on evp on this video camera. You may hear something different or something we missed so be sure to comment to let us know.

This video and all of our other videos were recorded in the Lizzie Borden House the day before the 118th anniversary of the Borden's murders.

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