Ghost Demon Spirits Voices Caught On Camera 2013 Ghost Box Video #01

Ghost Demon Spirits Voices Caught On Camera 2013 Ghost Box Video #01

Ghost Spirits & Demon voices caught on camera with ghost box - The BEST and most intelligent EVP responses on ghost box in my haunted house.

Several spirits are in my house, and I believe the ghosts follow me and some ghosts, at least one ghost is possibly attached to me. It seems to be evil... possibly a demon or a dark demonic entity. Now, before you criticize me for using a ghost box in my own house, please understand that I have been haunted for many years, and I finally decided to take action. I'm having another paranormal team investigate me and my house... and I'm Capturing as much paranormal as evidence as possible to show the ghosts or evil demonic spirits that are haunting and following or attached to me.






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