GHOST VIDEO Proof Ghosts Are Real Ghost Box EVP Caught On Camera Paranormal Video 4

GHOST VIDEO Proof Ghosts Are Real Ghost Box EVP Caught On Camera Paranormal Video 4

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NEW 2012 GHOST VIDEO --- Real Ghost Video Footage of Paranormal Investigator Phillip Brunelle Talking To Real Ghosts Demons & Spirits --- This ghost video is a short version to a longer ghost box / spirit box EVP session that shows proof ghosts are real. I will put a link at the end of this video to the full unedited ghost box session.

Many ghost hunters become interested in the paranormal because of their own experiences with ghosts. I've been haunted by ghosts since I was a child, and the paranormal activity continues to this day. I don't like to conduct paranormal investigations in my own house, but paranormal activity happens so often it leaves me with too many questions to not seek the truth.

In this eerie ghost video I'm asking for confirmation that the spirits, ghosts, or demons are actually here, and that these ghosts can see and talk to me. I held a lighter in my hand and asked the ghosts to tell me what I was holding. The ghosts are heard saying "Lighter" many times, and in three languages!!

What is a ghost box? Ghost hunters use a ghost box during paranormal investigations to communicate with ghosts. It's a hand-held radio modified to continuously scan through every radio station at a rapid speed. It's believed that spirits are able to manipulate radio frequencies to have their voices heard. I was skeptical for a while if the ghost box works, but after using the ghost box in my haunted house, no doubt.. it works.

Mass Most Haunted by ghost hunter Phillip Brunelle is a YouTube Partner with millions of video views of real ghost videos from paranormal activity caught on camera in my house, and paranormal evidence ghosts caught on camera from the most haunted places in the United States.



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