Ghost videos real in India - Paranormal activity - Night watchman

Ghost videos real in India - Paranormal activity - Night watchman

Our new night watchman was complaining about some unusual (paranormal?) activities since last couple of days. He sometimes sees some dull figures which suddenly appears and vanishes, sometimes he feels just cold chills after midnight.

We haven't told this new watchman yet, that the watchman before him had committed suicide with his wife and 2 small kids, by jumping off of the terrace of this 4 story high building.

We have added some camera to check any paranormal activity as claimed by the new watchman.

This shocking video caught the ghost of the earlier watchman walking and the new watchman walking past through him. The watchman next morning again complained about cold chills and it can be seen the watchman turned back to see if anyone was there when he felt the cold chills when he pass through the ghost spirit.

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