Jackson Police Station & RobberyTheft Overview July 2nd 2011

Jackson Police Station & RobberyTheft Overview July 2nd 2011

If anyone has any information leading to the arrest or credible information on the robbery of our red chevy blazer SUV please visit our informational center on this ongoing case at:


This video is not meant to be pretty as we just left the Electra Road region where we were robbed. I was waiting for a detective to arrive so I did this film at the Jackson civic center.

We were fishing, hiking and doing Bigfoot field research when the suspect(s) used forced entry into the vehicle removing cameras, health cards, cell charges, 40 hours worth of EVP evidence we collected since our relocation to the area, flashlights emf detector, medications, head lamp, batteries, guardian angel pin, wallets, money etc. The Jackson Ca area is one of the highest areas along the foot hills for crime and theft along with drug related issues.

If anybody has any information or has found anything in relation to these items please contact the sheriff's department or myself at anytime. No paranormal researcher should be robbed while volunteering their time outdoors this is unacceptable and extremely disheartening.
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