-OFFICIAL- Soul Seekers @ The Haunted Elsinore Naval Academy Haunted Lake Elsinore CA NOT FAKE PT 2

-OFFICIAL- Soul Seekers @ The Haunted Elsinore Naval Academy Haunted Lake Elsinore CA NOT FAKE PT 2

PART 2- The Return!
Soul Seekers from Travel Channel's Paranormal Challenge (Dante Reeder,Allan Williams and Josh Baker) Return to The Elsinore Naval Military School in Lake Elsinore, California

From our 1st very successful investigation at ENMS Soul Seekers Returns to give this once prestigious now abandoned Military school's Spirits another Chance to Communicate.

This School was purchased by Lt. Col Glen Conklin in 1933 This building was first built in the early 1920's to be a Athletic Club but the investors and people who built it became victims of the Great Depression and the Original owners never opened it. In came Lt. Col Glen Conklin who purchased this and made it into a very busy and top of the line Naval and Military School for children. This School housed students K-12. Conklin passed in 1975 and the school closed it's doors in 1977 it now sits abandoned in the middle of Lake Elsinore.

Many Reports have been heard of this legendary school being Haunted..Are the ghosts that reside here actual spirits of people who attended the school or did Lake Elsinore's ghosts claim this massive building as their own? Soul Seekers takes you live into the depths of ENMS!

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