Paranormal Activity Ghost Caught On Camera K2 Meter Communication Full Video

Paranormal Activity Ghost Caught On Camera K2 Meter Communication Full Video

K2 METER GHOST VIDEO DESCRIPTION: --- Paranormal Social Networking --- Follow Phillip Brunelle --- Follow Mass Most Haunted --- Facebook

RAW UNEDITED K2 METER GHOST VIDEO -- This is a long video, but if you have the time and patience to watch, you'll see some amazing responses from ghosts communicating with us through the K2 Meter. If you don't have time to watch the entire video, be sure to add it to your favorites and click on the watch later icon under the video.

Aside from investigating the most haunted places in America, Phillip Brunelle, ghost hunter and founder of Mass Most Haunted, shares ghost videos of his paranormal experiences in his own haunted house... This is one of those ghost videos of communication with ghosts caught on camera.

On many occasions I've captured EVPs and other spirit communication telling me that there are seven spirits in my house, or seven ghosts that are possibly attached to me. For this reason, I conduct paranormal investigations in my own haunted house frequently, trying to learn who these spirits are, if they're human spirits or ghosts, or if they're demons or some sort of demonic ghosts, and also why these spirits are around me and if there's anything I can do to help any of the spirits.

One spirit who often tries communicating is Debbie. Her spirit is heard on the ghost box and ghost EVPs caught on camera and voice recorders. Debbie says her name many times and she frequently asks for me to help her. I decided to focus this K2 Meter session on her to learn who she is and what this spirit needs help with.

This is a long video, showing the entire K2 Meter session, which was a successful communication with the ghosts / spirits haunting my house, the ghosts were able to effectively use the K2 Meter to communicate with us for over 2 hours during this session!

There are bits and pieces of information that Debbie is trying to relay to me during this video, including some personal information, such as her full name, where she lived and died, the cause of her death, etc... many of the details have not been entirely investigated, and for this reason I ask that you please respect her privacy... unless you know any information or have something important to say, which I ask that you please do so by commenting on this video, or by email at



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