Paranormalities & Ponderings Radio Show featuring guest Bill Sweet! - The Science of Prayer

Paranormalities & Ponderings Radio Show featuring guest Bill Sweet! - The Science of Prayer

Join us with host Frank Lee and guest Bill Sweet, a parapsychology researcher, former president of Spindrift Research, and author of A Journey Into Prayer, as we discuss applying the scientific method to research the effects of prayer in a controlled environment.

Bill Sweet was always interested in paranormal phenomena which include the spiritual phenomena of prayer. Through meeting the founders of Spindrift Inc., Bruce and John Klingbeil [like bile], Bill began to grasp new ways of applying consciousness research to religion and science. Bill learned that the Klingbeils were Christian Science practitioners who were doing scientific tests of prayer and human consciousness.

Bill Sweet was president of Spindrift for four years. The Spindrift website is

Bill was brought up in Wilmette, Illinois. He graduated from New Trier High School, which was the top public high school in the country at the time. He went to Illinois State University and received a communications degree. Bill has the highest-level ham radio operator’s license. He is also an audiophile and musician. For the Chicago area, Bill’s booking agency handled bands ranging from Dixieland, Rock and Roll, Disco, Big Band, and small group jazz.

The Spindrift research has been helpful in showing that aspects of prayer and consciousness are real phenomena and not the human imagination. Spindrift studied the positive effects, the biased effects, and the negative effects coming from people’s prayers. An historical tidbit is that before 9/11, Spindrift tried to advise people to pay attention to the words in the dark prayers that militant Muslims prayed toward Jews, Americans, and Muslims.
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