Paranormalities & Ponderings Radio Show featuring guest Roger Belt!

Paranormalities & Ponderings Radio Show featuring guest Roger Belt!

Join us with host Frank Lee, and guest Roger Belt for an informative and entertaining show! Roger is a tech specialist and paranormal investigator for Half Past Dead Paranormal Investigations as well as the host of Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio. Roger has always had an interest in the paranormal and will be sharing his knowledge gained from over 12 years of experience and research in the field as well as taking questions from the chat room during show.

Info about Half Past Dead Paranormal Investigations:
Growing up in west Tennessee don't leave many options on what to do during the day, much less at night. There was always hunting and fishing and all the other things the normal people did but we realized we were not exactly normal. Most of Dusty's young life consisted of looking at antiques, collecting old things, looking in every old abandoned house he could find, and going to church. Jordan's life was not much different since they were together most of the time. Then came the life changing stage. Ghost hunters came on television. After seeing ghosts early in life and being very interested in it Dusty started researching. We founded our investigating team in 2004. It all started just kicking around in the dark with a disposable camera and a virtually antique video camera. Didnt have a clue about what we were doing but much to our surprise we had a ghost on video. We were hooked at that point. we read every book and watched every show we could.

We stumbled around in the dark until that one big find. An old plantation house in Tennessee (Pictured Below). It all started out kinda slow but after several attempts, we got introduced into a new realm of the other world. the demonic side. we saw the demon, felt the demon, and suffered from it's wrath. It was truly then we realized how important our little project was. Their are people dealing with the unknown every day. Some are curious, some are unsure about what's going on, and some are terrified. Thats where the importance of our services come in. We know the paranormal inside out and we know how to help.

We have exorcists on wait if we need them. We have a lot of solutions and tools to help your individual needs. There are no cases we will not take on to help others. Every now and then everyone needs help especially in situations like this. We are here to educate,train,and spread our knowledge whenever we can. All cases will have our complete attention and all will be completely confidential. We will never give out names or locations of the investigations. Privacy is a must unless the client wants it any other way. We are here for the client whether it be a homeowner, business owner, or just someone who wants closure.

This will be a great, information-packed show! Don't miss out and we'll see you there!
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