PSA: Join the ITC Collective and stomp out the Paranormal Hate!

PSA: Join the ITC Collective and stomp out the Paranormal Hate!


Just a PSA = Paranormal Service Announcement ;)

Myself and Keith Weldon have started the ITC Collective. A Facebook group that is going to STOMP out the nastiness of the paranormal field...the hate, jealousy, name calling and attacks,

the ITC collective is all about LOVE, POSITIVITY, LIGHT and RESEARCH!

We have some amazing member there already - the best names in the REAL field - Keith Weldon and Carissa Simpson from the Chillseekers, Myself, Anthony Sanchez, George Brown (Creator of the GeoBox) and MANy others who have a passion for this field and want to move forward instead of backwards.

We have the best evidence posted using the latest cutting edge spirit communicators.

BUT you must follow the rules. Attacks, hate speech, name calling, talking down to and nastiness is NEVER allowed, and we have a one strike policy . We do not even hate the haters or trash talkers as we want to keep it 100% POSITIVE.

If you want to join, check out the link below but it is growing fast as it is A MOVEMENT in the online paranormal field.

1000 Member will be approved the 1st week of being up. YES. All great poeple, great minds, wonderful inventors and app makers. The best of the best and the most respected names around.

I also plan to create yearly meetups, which will be quite special.
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