Real Demon Footage Caught on Camera Ghost Box EVP 2013 Devil Beelzebub

Real Demon Footage Caught on Camera Ghost Box EVP 2013 Devil Beelzebub

Real Demon Footage Caught on Camera communicating through the Ghost Box, and EVP captured during an investigation at the Sallie House in Atchison Kansas. Could this entity be Beelzebub, "Lord of the Flies" or the Devil himself? The home is believe to be haunted by a demonic presence as well as many other restless spirits. Please subscribe and be a part of the family! LIVE Ghost Hunts, and paranormal videos uploaded every week!

The footage was shot during a live 96 hour broadcast and is UNEDITED AND RAW, the clip shows demonic responses which clearly say at 7:14 "we want you dead" "torture" which are received via the Ghost Box! These are some of the most disturbing, and scariest responses on footage, viewer discretion advised!

Could this be the demon Beelzebub?

Beelzebub (play /biːˈɛlzɨbʌb/ bee-EL-zə-bub or /ˈbiːlzɨbʌb/ BEEL-zə-bub; (Hebrew: בעל זבוב‎, Baʿal Zəvûv Arabic: بعل الذباب‎, Ba'al az-Zubab;, literally "Lord of the Flies"; Greek: Βεελζεβούλ, Velzevoúl; Latin: Beelzebūb), with numerous archaic variants,is a Semitic deity that was worshiped in the Philistine city of Ekron. In later Christian and Biblical sources, he is referred to as another name for Satan, and in demonology, is one of the seven princes of Hell.

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