REAL Paranormal Activity | LIVE Paranormal Research Ep.#8 | Ancient Rune Stones

REAL Paranormal Activity | LIVE Paranormal Research Ep.#8 | Ancient Rune Stones

Real life paranormal activity- haunted demonic house- LIVE-Paranormal Research - multiple devices used for communication to validate the existence of spirit, alien, demonic phenomena occurring in the Siracusa home and document paranormal activity, unseen forces and malevolent entities at The Horsefly House.......... presenting believers and cynics alike with paranormal experiments conducted by qualified and the best in the paranormal field to participate live on camera at the Extreme Haunted Horsefly Chronicles House. This show will be presenting paranormal phenomena related to the Horsefly Chronicles Case!
Host ~ Phil Siracuse, Author, Horsefly Chronicles, Karissa Fleck, Psychic-Medium
Channel Host ~ Paranormal Zone TV - Norene Sampiere Balovich
GUEST: Bruce Barraclough, Jr. - born with a gift of second sight and Expert with RUNE STONES.....Spiritual this how it works.........Runes are tools used for divination and opening up psychic awareness and to gain messages and spiritual insight conversing with your Higher Self and the Universe
ABOUT Bruce BarraClough, Jr.
Bruce Barraclough, Jr. was born and raised in New York. From a young age he was drawn to things unknown and mysterious. He always knew that he had psychic gifts, as he began experiencing paranormal activity at a young age. As he grew older, he also realized that he was not truly in tune with those gifts.

On his 16th birthday he was handed an old box filled with many spiritual tools such as tarot cards, crystals and most importantly for him, rune stones. He was told that the box and tools were handed down from his great grandmother. This psychically powerful woman had held Bruce as a child and told his mother that he was born with a gift of second sight. Years later, she had left him the box of psychic tools, so that he could find the connection with his own, inherited gift.

So, for years Bruce searched for answers to the supernatural events surrounding him by studying a broad range of topics in the Paranormal and Cryptozoology fields. Even after years of study, he felt as if something was missing. Bruce then went on to read a few of the books that were left in the box assigned to him through heredity. The most important book, the one that kept drawing his attention, was a book on rune stones.

Since then, Bruce has read many books focusing on the tool created from the earth, the rune stones. His talent with the runes was noticeable from the first time he held them. He is now part of a Clan in which all members practice the ancient, spiritual ways.

Through his ability with the rune stones, Bruce wants to help others who need answers to questions that haunt them or to contact loved ones who have moved across the veil. He will never turn down someone in need of help and understanding even if all they need and want is a shoulder to lean on.
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