Real Scary Ghost Spirit Demon EVPS Caught On Camera

Real Scary Ghost Spirit Demon EVPS Caught On Camera

Day 13 Ep 27 - WARNING these are REAL, Demon EVPS Caught on Camera, not only are these spirit voices scary but they are extremely demonic in nature. Some of the names that come through these live recordings during our paranormal investigation at the Haunted Welles House were Malfus, Beelzebub, Baal, Lenin, Abacus, and Belial. Listen to at your own risk. None of these recordings have been altered in any way and are 100% real.

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The home was investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren in the 1970's however was never had chance to be cleansed of its negative energy. Is it still there today? The Team will use a variety of paranormal equipment such as thermal camera's, custom built dvr systems, ghost boxes, EVP, ouija boards, etc, in its attempt to captured, communicate, and document paranormal activity LIVE!

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LIVE Ghost Hunt starts everynight 8pm EST to 4am EST / Static Cams and LIVE Evidence Review in between!
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