Recording and Helping Lost Souls - MiniBox Plus

Recording and Helping Lost Souls - MiniBox Plus

Published - my website with all kinds of spirit communication information.

as always I recommend headphones, lights out and full concentration when viewing my videos.

Yes we can communicate with something intelligent, something not of our earthly world and i have been doing this for four years now with much success.

Just a video of a session I did the other night at home where some interesting things came through such as my Fathers name, my Mothers name (right after one another), my name, "Billy" which is the spirit in my home who is needed help to cross and many other things.

What you are watching is one of over 150 videos I have on this channel with spirit communication. It is real, authentic and nothing is ever faked or fabricated, period.

I am using a device known as a "spirit box" here and it is one of the best ever made, no longer available. Called the Mini Box Plus. This allows for real time spirit communication when the operator is "connected" to the spirit world.

What mainly comes through are earthbound stuck spirits who have yet to cross over. Many are in need of help and some sound desperate and sad.

If this intrigues you I suggest subscribing here and watching at least my last 15 videos :)

This was recorded over two nights...
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