Scary Demon Ghost Voices Caught On Camera Ghost Box EVP Paranormal Video #02

Scary Demon Ghost Voices Caught On Camera Ghost Box EVP Paranormal Video #02

Published -- Ghosts demons and angels voices caught on video camera during ghost box or spirit box session with Mass Most Haunted communicating with the dead. A ghost box is a paranormal investigation tool that allows us to talk to spirits, ghosts and demons by scanning radio stations, picking up voices of ghosts.

This is a partial continuation of the first ghost box session video... there is a demonic force present, or a sarcastic mean ghost... I asked how many spirits are here and got a Class "A" EVP saying "why should we tell you?!" Another spirit / ghost tells me there are seven, and said there are always seven spirits haunting my house.

I asked how many spirits are here with me, and what their name is, and at one point a female spirit is heard with an upset voice, asking me "what do you need me to say my name for every time?!" Now I know they can hear me, and the ghosts are responding to my questions... but sometimes I don't hear the answers in real-time over the ghost box until I play back the video.

The ghost box, also called spirit box or Frank's Box, is a hand held AM/FM radio that is modified to continuously scan through every radio station at a rapid speed, picking up bits and pieces from each station, and while its scanning, you're able to pick up voices of the dead (ghosts spirits angels demons). Sometimes you're able to hear these voices during the ghost box evp session, but when you record the session with a digital voice recorder or video camera, and listen back, you will be surprised at the voices you recorded that you didn't hear during the ghost box session.







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