Speaking to the Dead. The new GB-1 Ghost Box App.

Speaking to the Dead. The new GB-1 Ghost Box App.

I am testing the new GB-1 Ghost Box app from http://www.ghosthunterapps.com and WOW, this is flat out amazing. I have tried 100's of apps, and all have been junk besides the now famous Echovox.

I own over 13 real Ghost Boxes from super rare boxes to common boxes to custom boxes.

Never have I seen an "App" do what this one does. In one 5 minute session I have validated that it is 100% real and effective for communicating with spirits.

Over the years of doing this I have seen loads of junk and a few amazing products. This is up there with the best and a STEAL at $29.95. To those who complain about paying $30 for this, you have no clue about what a real paranormal tool is.

Usually things like this, that really work, range in price from $250 to $2000. This is $29. A steal.

This app, in my 1st test has given me my spirit guides name in crystal clarity, EVA. It has given me my name HUFF, it has given me my Finacee's name, Debby as well as BILLY, a boy I have worked with for months and finally helped to cross weeks ago.

It has given me the name NANCY, who is a spirit that comes through my real boxes all of the time.

Yes, this is the real deal, and it is quite special. Never seen anything so effective and so clear work so quickly.

With that in mind, remember that I am a spirit magnet. I have been working with spirit and real time communication non stop for years and I have a connection to their side. They know me. My name comes up in hundreds of others sessions around the world.

I can state though that this app is 100% effective for those who know how to receive communication.

You can even give it a free try with 10 days to decided if you want to buy. Go to http://www.ghosthunterapps.com to check it all out.

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