Spooky Kathy Radio - LIVE, Exciting & Intense Paranormal Blotter With Special Guest Lord Rick Of PGS

Spooky Kathy Radio - LIVE, Exciting & Intense Paranormal Blotter With Special Guest Lord Rick Of PGS

Talk Show Paranormal Host Kathryn Wilson and Cohost Bob Paulsen Interview "Lord Rick Rowe" aka AngelOfThyNight founder of The Paranormal & Ghost Society "Spooky Kathy Radio" on June 3rd 2014 boasting this exhilarating paranormal episode which talks about all things strange and even creepy. Topics discussed are Ghosts of Donner Pass, Bigfoot discovery made in Kings Canyon, Alien Sasquatch, E.T. Invasions, Hostile Earth, Preservation of Sasquatch, Motherships, Dwight Eisenhower Alien Pact, Area 51 Groom Lake, Human Vanishing's, Abductions, Human Testing, Reverse Engineering, Time Travel, Major UFO Personal Incidents, Bigfoot Giants of the Forest, Mutilations, Primate Behavior, Passion of Paranormal Investigating, Survival Tips as well as stories, the chilling Dyatlov Pass Incident, Human Mutilation, Life Deriving on Mars, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot experiences such as Showers Lake, Nephilim, Roswell, Shadowmen, Foo Fighters, Malaysia Flight 370 Theories, Dangerous Investigative Scenarios, Conspiracies, Cover-ups, UFOLOGY, Cryptozoology, Methodology, Universe and even telekinesis. This episode is jammed packed with tales, theories and research straight out of the cases from The Paranormal & Ghost Society. Its like a wild ride into the unknown that will leave you breathless to the very end! Its a really eye opener of an episode for hardcore paranormal enthusiast!

To Check out the rebroadcast also to give shout outs so that you can watch future shows we are throwing out this to help promote this awesome show you can do so at: www.blogtalkradio.com/liveparanormal/2014/06/04/spooky-kathy-radio and www.liveparanormal.com who sponsored them keep in mind this youtube version has been amplified and reformatted in studio quality so that for years to come our true paranormal message we speak about the planet can be passed down from all those who will take the time to listen! Their is a hidden message in this interview some of you will get it but what is important is not that I am a guest it is the deeper message I am trying to portray that we live in a paranormal world but one filled with hostility which makes the work we do so much more intense dealing with some of the remote places on the planet!. Kathryn and Bob asked some really great questions that will leave you wanting to know more!!! A special thank you to Kathryn and Bob for respecting my open views with an open heart an open mind!

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Lord Rick
PGS Founder
AngelOfThyNight Radio Talk Show Host, Paranormal Investigator, Cryptozoologist, Parapsychologist, Ufologist, Author and Producer
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