"The Supernatural Team Singapore" Paranormal Evidence S1E2, "Haunted hotel"

"The Supernatural Team Singapore" Paranormal Evidence S1E2, "Haunted hotel"

In this webisode of "Paranormal Evidence", Shawn and Steve from "The supernatural team" received a urgent request sent by a hotel owner located in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia to investigate the room "207" that was supposedly to be haunted by a female ghost entity.

The owner told us almost all of his guest that stayed in there, can never make it through the night. They were all disturbed by this female entity once the clock strike past 3AM.

In order to have more paranormal evidence, Shawn has put his own life on the line as he challenged the infamous Japanese ritual "Tomino's Hell" and it was said that whoever chanted the ritual out loud will see the evil entity "Tomino" and death awaits the challenger.

This might have been our first ever paranormal investigation in a hotel room, but we are totally overwhelmed by the amount of evidence we felt, seen and captured! Enjoy this episode and do give us a like and support by spreading what we do!

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